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The Fantastic Friends Atlanta are Children’s Party Entertainers in Atlanta. We are made up of Zappy the Clown, Andy Balloonie, Starlight the clown, The Amazing Zapatelli, Toofpick the Clown and others, AKA Patrick & Lupetha Farrell, Andrew & Marie Kuhn, Mercy Farrell, Julie Thompson, Natalie Pinzon, Michael Kuhn and a few other Children’s Entertainers. All of The Fantastic Friends have between 8 and 30 years of professional performing experience.

We specialize in Children’s Party entertainment including Clowning, Juggling, Mime, Puppetry, Theater, Comedy, Magic and Music. We also play several instruments, sing and Dance. Irish Dance is one of our favourites and just helping people to have a fun time. The Fantastic Friends will attend Children’s Parties in your Home or any Location you choose.



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